Justice Mabel Agyemang safe in Ghana

Sunday 16th March , 2014 12:53 pm

Justice Mabel Agyemang

Justice Mabel Agyemang

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Hanna Tetteh, has confirmed that the former Chief Justice of The Gambia, Justice Mabel Agyemang, is in the country.

Ms Tetteh said Justice Agyemang arrived in the country two weeks ago.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Justice Agyemang is in Ghana; she came to my office on her return”, Ms Tetteh stated in a facebook post on this reporter’s wall in response to queries on Justice Agyemang’s whereabouts and what the government was doing about the situation.


Ms Tetteh explained that Justice Agyemang had a traumatic experience and did not intend to make any public speeches and added that some people did not want their stories to be on the front page of newspapers or to be interviewed by the media.

Ms Tetteh, however, took exception to the action of some journalists who were using social media to “misinform” the public about the whereabouts of Justice Agyemang and said she would not answer their questions because they had behaved inappropriately.


Justice Agyemang fled her government-allocated abode in Fajara, a suburb of The Gambia, hours after The Gambian Government terminated her services on February 4, this year. President Yahaya Jammeh had accused her of taking orders from the embassy of a hostile country.

Justice Agyemang, who was appointed to the top job in July 2013, had not been seen in public since February 4.

News of her disappearance was made public by President Jammeh recently at a ceremony at which a new Chief Justice of The Gambia was sworn into office.

Mr Jammeh accused foreign embassies in the country of interfering with judicial matters and trying to influence the outcome of ‘political cases’ that were before the courts.

“That is why the former CJ is nowhere to be seen, because despite the fact that she was appointed by us; interestingly enough, she was taking orders from an embassy whose country is hostile to our country though we are the one paying her salary. And that is why she has not handed over to Justice Fagbenle [her successor]; because she disappeared. Nobody has seen her up to today,” he alleged.

Source: Daily Graphic