Accra Mayor must be dismissed – Asamoah-Siaw

Saturday 15th March , 2014 6:37 am

Kofi Asamoah

Kofi Asamoah

The General Secretary for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Kofi Asamoah-Siaw has called for the dismissal of the Mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vanderpuijie.

His reasons for the call is that “the traffic situation is bad, the city is engulfed in filth, so what are the achievements of the Mayor ever since he was given the post six years ago? He should not be waiting for the President to sack him, it is a systematic failure on his part and he must go.”

According to him, the Mayor is not competent enough to handle challenges bedeviling the city.

Mr. Asamoah-Siaw however acknowledged the passion and desire of the Mayor to change the face of the Accra Metropolis  but was quick to add that “if you look at the massive difficulties and challenges that we face in the city of Accra, the works to be done is way beyond the competencies of the Mr. Alfred Oko Vandepuijie.”

He also mentioned that  Mr. Vanderpuijie’s response to the collapse of the hotel building at Nii Boi Town is a play back of the 2012 Melcom disaster adding that the onus lies on President John Mahama to dismiss personalities such as Mr. Vanderpuijie since he is not performing his duties effectively.

“Recently, we heard the President dismissing a District Chief Executive(DCE) who made some uncomplimentary comment that brought the name of government into disrepute…between the loss of lives through the incompetence of building inspectors and therefore superior officers and a DCE who would just a make a comment at a public gathering , which of them would the President want us to believe is more important to his administration?” he asked.

“People’s lives are being lost all the time and someway, somehow, we pay lip service to these people,” the PPP Secretary General added.

By: Marian Efe Ansah/