Who Killed Fennec?

While the Ghana Police Service continues to investigate the murder of artiste manager Fennec Okyere and possibly fish out his killers, the homicide has sparked speculations within Ghana’s entertainment sector in a quest to unravel the mystery.

Moments after the media reported Fennec’s death, there were speculations that he had some land-related misunderstandings with some persons interested in estate development and that may have led to his death.

The most common of the speculated conspiracy theories was that Fennec’s death may have something to do with his recent public tussle with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) over ownership of the Ghana Music Week.

What is fuelling the MUSIGA accusation is a NEWS-ONE story published on February 13, 2013 in which Fennec complained he was receiving death threats because of MUSIGA.

“I have received calls from people who threaten me with death and ask me why I am worrying Obour over this Ghana Music Week thing and whether I do not know this is big money business,” Fennec told NEWS-ONE in that publication and said he was on his way to get the police involved.

“I know how to go about taking care of my security; and I am not taking chances at all. I have to report the threats to the police because we are all in this industry and I hear a lot of things,” Fennec added.

Though there was no evidence whatsoever that the death of Fennec had something to do with MUSIGA, the fact that on February 13, he publicly made known such a death threat on his life and eventually got killed on March 13, made it a rather curious coincidence.

Indeed, after the NEWS-ONE publication, Fennec Okyere repeated the allegation in an interview with Akwasi Aboagye of Peace FM.

Another theory is that Fennec may have been killed by persons envious of his success at a private firm he worked apart from his artiste management business.

NEWS-ONE however gathered that Fennec and MUSIGA amicably sorted out their differences, as the deceased wrote a letter to the Union, handing over the ownership of Ghana Music Week and subsequently attended the opening ceremony.

In fact, the MUSIGA President, Bice Obour, hours after Fennec’s death, led a delegation from the Union to visit the home of the deceased and mourn with his family.