Kofi Jumah: Parliament Not Attractive Anymore…I Will Never Be An MP Again

If you have an ambition as a youth to serve your constituency as a Member of Parliament and you want any piece of advice to that effect, then its better you do not consider seeking counsel from the outspoken Maxwell Kofi Jumah.

The former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa constituency believes the parliament he failed to gain entry to, is not what it used to be, stressing that the august house is not “attractive” anymore.

According to him, even if he is asked to compulsorily represent his constituents, he will gladly throw away the offer.

“Today, if you ask me to go to parliament, I will not go…if you even force me to…I will never go there again. What will I gain from there (Parliament House)? Since the day I left parliament, I cherished my freedom. Nothing will move me to go to parliament again…even by resolution, I will not go!!!” he said.

Maxwell Kofi Jumah also known as ‘Kofi Ghana’ says he wholly supports former Majority and Minority Leader Alban Bagbin’s recent confession that some MPs do take bribes. He noted that parliamentarians are now influenced to take bribes due to the unbearable hardships they are facing in recent times.

Speaking on Adom FM, he disclosed that “I know so many people after a while; they have decided not to go to parliament again”. To him, “After serving as a parliamentarian, if you are not well established (financially)…you will be miserable. You can’t be a congress man in USA and complain afterwards. They will find something for you to do but that is not the case here in Ghana.”

“I support Bagbin 100%. We have to investigate this issue in parliament. Both the majority and the minority have questions to answer. All compromises they do in the dark must be revealed.”