Bagbin Challenged To Name Corrupt MPs

The Member of Parliament for Takoradi constituency , Dr. Kobby Otchere Darko Mensah has challenged the Member of Parliament for Nadowli/Kaleo to make public the names of Members of Parliament he is convinced have taken bribes.

He said doing so will make Mr. Bagbin a true statesman.

Alban Bagbin is reported to have alleged that Members of Parliament take bribe in the discharge of their duties. Even though he [Bagbin] claims his words have been misconstrued, his colleagues Members of Parliament are asking him to provide evidence.

The matter has been referred to the house and Mr. Bagbin risks being cited for contempt of Parliament.

Dr. Darko Mensah said Mr. Bagbin’s comment has the potential to erode the confidence of investors. He gave the assurance that the integrity of Parliament remains impenetrable.

“When issues come to parliament, they are first directed by the speaker to go to a committee, and the committee will then issue their report, and the report can be unanimous, majority or minority. And from there it comes to the floor of the house, before the whole chamber of 275 MPs and then you say that, you bribe one person and that person will come and bribe all of us to take that bad decision, not at all?”Dr. Otchere opined.

He indicated that he has never in his line of work as a member of parliament been influenced in any way to violate the tenants of the house. “I always speak my mind. There have been several bills that have come to parliament that I have made my stands clear. Not at all have I been influenced,” he said.