Stop Increment Of Utilities And Petroleum Prices Now

The Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) is concerned with the quality of services that utility providers render to Ghanaians. The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and Ghana Water Company (GWC) have not shown much care in relation to the needs of their customers.

This is worrying especially when one considers the level of increment they sought with the prefix of providing qualitative services.

In the midst of the current economic hardship that the ordinary Ghanaian have to experience on a daily basis, coupled with the cost of living galloping like a war horse and the standard of living on a constant fall, it is really irritating to also experience an unstable electricity and water supply.

It makes no sense for ECG and GWC to ask the already struggling Ghanaians to pay more tariffs only to be served with worse services. It is worth recalling that the ECG, a few months ago, said they needed to increase tariffs so as to help them upgrade their equipments and replace obsolete ones so that they can deliver improved services.

This proposed increment was accepted by Ghanaians because of the promise and hope of better and more reliable services but as it is evident now; these services get worse every passing day.

We are not happy with the poor treatment meted out to Ghanaians who have to pay so much for these poor services because of the monopoly enjoyed by the ECG and GWC. ECG and GWC have taken undue advantage of consumers for far too long.

Ghanaians would however, not tolerate any further tariff increment until they enjoy better supply of services and get value for money. Enough is enough

AFAG would therefore, call on the government to immediately seize any further increment in the prices of utilities. We call on PURC to abort the automatic price adjustment until the government fixes the economy. We can no longer entertain any form of disrespect from the monopoly service providers.

Furthermore, AFAG would also ask the government not to adjust petrol prices anymore since the price of crude is falling on the international market. We urge the government to salvage the situation because the taxpayers are tired.

With the oil prices falling on the international market, AFAG expects fuel prices to reflect accordingly.