Blame Bede Ziedeng for Bimbilla chaos – Nakpaa-Naa family

Thursday 13th March , 2014 7:06 pm

Bede Ziedeng

Bede Ziedeng

The family of the Bimbilla Naa in the Northern Region is accusing the Regional Minister and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the chaos in the area.

Fighting broke out last week between two feuding factions in the area over the burial of the late Nakpaa-Naa Salifu Dawuni.

The factions are the Naa-Andani family and the Nakpaa-Naa family in Bimbila

Secretary to the Nakpaa-Naa family, Adamu Mustapha on Eyewitness News explained that the NDC is being accused because they have every reason to believe that the NDC government gave the directive for the non-release of the remains of the Bimbilla Naa to his family for burial.

“The very day the District Security Council gave us the go ahead to convey the body from Yendi to Bimbillaat the Morgue, we were told by the Yendi Municipal Executive that he has received an order from above preventing us from taking the bodyso is one is to accuse the NDC for being behind this, will you say one is wrong?” he asked.

Regarding the Regional Minister, Bede Ziedeng, Mr. Mustapha recounted that the Minister prevented the family from burying the late Bimbilla Naa because after inspecting the house the late Naa Salifu was to be buried in, “he said the house does not form part of traditional mausoleumbut were expecting that he should have given us the go ahead to bury the late chief.”

But in response, Mr. Ziedeng denied having a personal interest in the matter and further stated that the comments by the family seem to suggest they do not appreciate the value of peace and his aim is to “maintain peace in Bimbilla.”

He insisted that the sole reason for the delay in the burial of the late Bimbilla Naa is that “the proposed grave where he is to be buried is unacceptable to the other side and they say that they want the Nakpaa-Naa to be buried at a different place.

Because the man died as Nakpaa-Naa, he didn’t die as Bimbilla Naa and where they are proposing is the place they bury the Bimbilla Naaba’s.”

The Regional Minister assured that members of the Regional Security Council will meet the two feuding factions to further discuss the possible burial ground for the late chief.

“We are going back and we will meet the two parties and then we will sit down and finalize decisions on the matter,” he said.

By: Efua Idan Osam/