[Advice Needed] It’s Hard For Me To Ask A Girl Out! Please Help!!!

images (18)I have a little problem I think I need help with! I have never been able to ask a girl out. Throughout my secondary school days, I see my mates seeing a girl and in the twinkle of an eye, they are chatting with the girl. I have always wondered how they did it but yet I still find it hard to practice. I understand i am a shy person which affects my ability to meet with a girl and talk but it is really getting to me. I have asked my mates several times how they go about it. Each one explains in his own way but practicing seem so difficult. I am in the university at the moment, and i can count the number of girls I have actually had a long conversation with. I have very few female friends and most of them are course mates that i started talking to somehow. Please I need help. It is really getting to me. Sometimes i wonder if I would be able to get married. Please I need your counsel.