Women Becoming More Responsible Than Men

Mrs Eleanor Barnes Botchwey, a legal practitioner on Wednesday bemoaned the rate at which men were shirking their responsibilities in maintaining their homes.

This, she added, was a major contributor to the many divorce cases hinting society recently. Mrs Botchwey said this on the sidelines of a one-day media workshop organized by the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Ghana and supported by STAR-GHANA at Takoradi in the Western Region.

Mrs Botchwey, a volunteer lawyer with FIDA, indicated that most of the cases she had to arbitrate were largely that of non-maintenance of the home by men.

According to her, men now gave excuses such as, “I am building so find money to cater for the house” and “I am paying school fees- pay one bill or another” a worrying trend in contemporary times.
Mrs Botchwey intimated that the same women who were portrayed by society as poor and vulnerable are now the breadwinners and called on men to live up to their responsibilities.

“The face of poverty is always a woman, yet she is the breadwinner in most homes today”, she added.

The legal practitioner also advised women to be wary of entering marriages such as contract marriage that did not last because of the many legal, socio-economic implications particularly when such marriages had produced children.