“Why Do We Create The Impression MPs Are Incorruptible? – Ken Asks

Editor of the Daily Searchlight Newspaper, Ken Kuranchie believes there is some truth in the bribery allegation made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nadowli/Kaleo, Hon. Alban S.K. Bagbin that some Members of Parliament (MPs) do take bribes.

According to him, MPs are just like any other Ghanaian capable of receiving bribes, adding that just as the President can be accused of corruption, MPs are not exempted.

Mr. Kuranchie sees no reason why Hon. Bagbin should be openly condemned for saying the truth about what sometimes transpire in the House.

Hon. Alban Bagbin who was speaking at a two-day seminar in Koforidua to representatives of 40 Non­ Governmental Organisations (NGOs) was reported to have said that some MPs take bribes to articulate the views of some individuals and organisations on the floor of Parliament.

“The reality is that MPs are Ghanaians and there is evidence that some MPs take bribes and come to the floor and try to articulate the views of their sponsors.

“…This is because in Ghana we have not developed what we call lobbying. There are rules; there are ethics regarding lobbying and we in Ghana think that lobbying is taking money, giving it to MPs and writing pieces for them to go articulate on the floor. That is bribery,” he said.

Hon Bagbin’s comment has generated heated debate among parliamentarians themselves.

But speaking to the issue on Adom FM, Ken Kuranchie stated that; “We always alleged that there is corruption in the media, the police service and ministers etc. I have personally accused President Mahama of being corrupt…just as some also accused Ex-President Kufour and Rawlings (of being corrupt). So why should we create the idea that MPs are sacrosanct and are therefore incorruptible? They live in the Ghanaian society, of course”.

“Some MPs do receive bribes, Bagbin has already given the evidence. During the Merchant Bank sale, some MPs took bribe”.