Tamale Is Part Of Ghana; The Lawlessness Must Stop’-Allotey Jacobs

Aspiring Central Regional Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked President John Dramani Mahama to send a ‘strong military force to search and destroy ammunitions’ in the Northern Region.

This follows pockets of violence that broke out in Tamale, which led to the setting on fire of Radio Justice, a local radio station in the region.

He told Kwami Sefa Kayi that it was about time such issues were curtailed, and that “if we don’t put fear into the youth, they will think that the country is without law”

“It is like there is no law and order, and sometimes the police are even afraid to intervene. Somebody must let them know that there is law in this country and that the Northern region is part of Ghana”

He said, if nothing is done to curtail the situation, it can worsen, and more lives can be lost.

“The situation can escalate if nothing is done about it now. People must be brought to justice for their misdeeds. I will plead with the president to send a battalion of soldiers to search every house for ammunitions, before it is too late” he requested.