MUSIGA Gave Us A Car Which Is Of No Use – R2Bees

Few days ago, Obrafour mentioned to that there is no ‘music industry’ in Ghana and what we have is a pocket of musicians struggling to make a living out of their hard work.

According to Obrafour, the lack of institutional structures in itself is an indication of a non-existing music industry and until the appropriate structures are created, Ghanaian musicians will continue to sweat for nothing.

Interestingly, R2Bees’s member, Paedae took to twitter today to highlight the plight of Ghanaian musicians — calling on MUSIGA to sit up among others…

Check below for some of the things Paedae had to say;

”Ghana music industry does nothing for the industry/musicians. Ghana music is what it is solely because of the hard work of Ghanaian musicians

Imagine Ghana Blackstars without GFA. Musicians are selling our country to the world through music just like football.

Don’t talk to me bout musiga.

Gh musicians only make money through shows and endorsements. Not cd sales nothing. Radio Tv Pubs Clubs etc play the music for their business.

Without any form of revenue to the owner. And the institution responsible for collecting such revenue prides itself of job well done.

What we lack in the industry is common sense. We’ve employed ppl with big brains but not common sense. Remember most Gh musicians have zero endorsement and barely play shows because there are barely any show

So a consistent revenue for their hard work which is used consistently to run businesses is not too much to ask for. Imagine going to the club and no music or tune in radio no music.Clubs and radio pay nothing to musicians in Gh. Wait some musicians pay dem

What’s the job of a musician? Entertain. Gh musicians are entertaining but they r starving bro. Don’t believe wat they say in da music


We need an effective structure. We are in the 21st century. Simple technology will track down every song played anywhere in the country

If there are laws to collect these monies that are legally due the Artiste

They gave us a car? Of what use is our car to obidi or samini or shata wale?? I’m talking bout a collective problem here

Or lord Kenya, Rex Omar, obrafuor, TH4 Kwages. Old greats who’ve graced this stage. They are retired with almost nothing.