Killed By A Doctor

When a patient went to a very reputable hospital, he was expecting to be healed and had confidence in the doctor who was to carry out the surgery.

Unfortunately, the confidence of the patient was betrayed by a reckless doctor who threw professional standards to the wind.

The doctor left a gauze in the belly of the patient after the surgery, sewed him up and discharged him. Later the patient died from complications arising out of this blatant negligence.

This was revealed by another doctor, name withheld, who tried desperately to save the lie of the patient.

The ‘Insight’ has also established more than 10 of such case across the length and breath of the country.

In another case at a very reputable hospital, a surgeon left the scissors he had used in the tummy of the patient. The parents of a woman have also claimed that their daughter has almost been paralyzed as a result of the negligence of a surgeon.

The surgeon from Ukraine was not even licensed to practice in Ghana but was allowed to operate on the lady.

Even some members of the Ghana medical Association (GMA) who spoke to “The Insight” on the case of medical negligence want action to stop the malpractices.

Public interest in medical malpractices have been heightened as a result of the loss of the body of a baby believed to have died at birth a the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

The body of the baby has still not been found and there is public outcry against what is seen as widespread medical malpractices.

The stories of medical malpractices as told by a doctor in one of Ghana’s leading hospitals will be published in the next issue of The Insight.