Acting Career First, Husband Later – Actress

Marriage is largely considered as a sacred institution which everyone would want to experience but for Kumawood actress Faustina Amissah known popularly as China, she would choose acting over getting a husband any day.

Speaking to Showbiz last Monday, China revealed that she wasn’t at all bothered by the prospect of not getting married because she believed marriage “is a blessing from God and if God has ordained it, it would come through”.

“I’m not scared if I don’t get married and I have no worries. I will choose my acting career over a husband because these days if you’re a woman and you’re not working, men view you as a liability,” she said.

According to Faustina, even though marriage is not a priority for her, she is still wary of men who are not comfortable with her work as an actress and said that she would only go for a guy who was at ease with the kind of work that she did. “I’ve seen situations where men come and say they are comfortable with the job you’re doing as an actress, but as soon as you get married to them, then they mount pressure on you to stop. But as for me, that is something I’ll not buy,” Faustina explained.

All she wants, she says, “is a man who understands my work and would appreciate it. If he cannot, then he can walk out of my life.”

Narrating how she came into the movie business, Faustina said it hadn’t been an easy journey for her. According to her, she had been to several auditions for several years but none of them yielded any movie roles until she decided to produce her own movies with the help of an uncle.

This effort produced movies such as Ahuoya, Bo Brapa and some others. However, the director they were working with ultimately took all the credit for the movies she produced and they then had to part ways.

“As all this was going on, I met a director called Jackson and he introduced me to Bandex and that’s where my career took off,” she said.

Faustina Amissah who has been in the movie industry for close to a decade has since featured in a host of movies, Big Boy Weezy, Obama, Obour, Gye Me and others.

Explaining how she got the nickname, ‘China’, she said it was as a result of a role she played in a movie alongside Agya Koo. In the movie, she played the role of a bartender in a bar called Madam China Spot and customers and patrons called her ‘Madam China’ and that was how the name stuck. She said it used to make her angry when people called her China but says she has now got used to it.

China thanked Bandex, Jackson, Frank, Fifii and all her fans for their support and encouraged her fans to look to God because He is the one who lifts people up.