Police ‘Bribed’ …To Discontinue Gomoa Fetteh Murder Case

Members of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal family in the Gomoa East District of the Central region have accused some police officials at the Kasoa District Police Command of taking bribe to cover up alleged murderers of Abusuapanyin Nana Kwame Okyere Pantu.

The late Nana Okyere Pantu, who was the family head and Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Royal family, was shot death on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at Fetteh Kakraba.

Sources close to the family hinted Today that the suspected murderers who are at large have been having secret meetings with some Criminal Investigative Department (CID) officials at the Kasoa District Police Command to help release two of their accomplices who were arrested during the gory incident.

The source alleged that huge sums of monies have already been doled out to some CID officials (names withheld) to push their agenda through.

According to the source, the foul play by the police CID is generating uneasy tension at Gomoa Fetteh and its adjoining environs and that if immediate action is not taken by the Inspector General of Police (IGP,) Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, and the security agencies to salvage the situation, it may lead to a bloodbath.

The family, the source said, could not understand why the police would rather be supporting the suspects who allegedly shot Nana Pantu.

The source indicated that the alleged killers were seen in the late Nana Pantu’s residence before the attack.

The source recounted that the killers were allegedly directed by an unidentified person to Nana’s house around 6:20 P.M., on that fateful day (February 27, 2014).

The source revealed that bullets were directly targeted at Nana Pantu as he attempted to run for his life after hearing gunshots.

But unfortunately one of the bullets hit him from the back and subsequently escaped through his chest.

Another bullet hit the back of his neck while a third one caught him on the waist very close to the spinal cord, killing him instantly.

The source averred that members of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal family, who are unhappy with current developments, are demanding that the IGP investigates the allegations being leveled against the police.

When the Kasoa District Police Commander, Superintendent Samuel Punobyin, was contacted, he confirmed the incident

He however denied knowledge of ongoing moves between the police and the alleged suspects.

According to him, the case had already been referred to the Homicide Unit of the Police Headquarters in Accra for further investigations.

Supt Punobyin was also quick to assure the public that the police will not hesitate to investigate the alleged bribery act if it comes to their attention.