My Elder Sister Seduces Me. Help! [Advice Needed]

The story below is that of a 16-year-old boy who is being seduced by his older sister and now he is having thoughts of having s*x with her.

confused black man

Dear readers,

So the other day she called me in her room to help her with homework and then she started talking about how her feet were cold. Then she put her feet in my face and told me to warm them up and so I did because I didn’t know what else to do and after warming her feet up, I went back to helping her with her homework.

I was laying on the floor at first but later got up to sit on her bed. Before I sat down on her bed she put her feet underneath me and I accidentally sat on them. While her feet were underneath my b*tt she kept wiggling her toes around and it felt like she was trying to finger my b*tt with her toes. I got a little turned on but again I didn’t know what to do so I did nothing and went on showing her how to do the math problems. When I was done I left and went back to my room to do my homework.

Then yesterday she started doing hooka which is almost like an electric cigarette but it’s not harmful it’s just flavored water vapor. And since it has tobacco and nicotine in it, it’s for people 18 and older and she’s 18 so it’s not illegal for her to do it. But she’s never done any type of drugs before and she hasn’t smoked either. She’s also been more playful with me the past few days.

I’m 16 she’s 18 and she’s not even related to me. She’s my stepsister and I’m wanting to have s*x with her now. My dad has condoms and everything so I would be able to get one. And now my dad is going to be out of town tomorrow and so is my step-mother and it’s just going to be me her and my little brother for a couple if hours.

What should I do? Should I just let her keep doing what she’s doing and if it comes to it should I just have s*x?