Meet Ugandan Singer Luther Martin Kintu

Luther Martin Kintu

Luther Martin Kintu

He is back!!!

Luther Martin Kintu left his loved Uganda and Africa almost twenty years ago. He was picked by producers to make it big in Europe and the rest of the world.

He came to Sweden were he started to work on his album. Due to business disagreements beyond his control, things got delayed. When his album finally were finished and about to be released, he got cancer and the record never got released. After that followed years of struggle for his life, and he came out victorious.

Now he is finally back and have decided to relaunch his music career. The first thing he did was to release his old album that is called “Single man” and now he will start to release a lot of new material. Luther Martin Kintu is back and more committed to music than ever. Look out for him on Spotify, Itunes etc…

Its a new beginning!
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A recent interview with him done by the music blogger and photographer Melika Zakariae you find here (The introduction part is in Swedish): Intervju med Luther Martin Kintu…

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