Black Oil Controversy War Deepens… As Quantities Of Oil Given By National Security Continue To Reduce

The New Crusading GUIDE’s impeccable sources have hinted the paper that if steps are not immediately taken, the 3,500 tons of oil left in the custody of Glasbrown Company Limited by the country’s National Security may not be fully retrieved.

This comes in the wake of a Court action at the Tema High Court aimed at the determination of the ownership of the said oil.

A worried source at Glasbrown Company Limited has told us in an interview that if care is not taken, the essence of the Court action will not be achieved since the black oil under controversy has been tampered with.

“It will be sad that after all this hustle and bustle by the companies in Court, they come to the realization that what they are all fighting for, has been siphoned by another company.

“If anybody dares what I am saying, let them go and take stock of the oil at Glasbrown and they will know that the quantities have drastically reduced” the source dared doubting Thomases.

The fight over the oil is between one Alhaji Omar Suleiman, Managing Director of Omaroil Agency Limited, Totsa Total Geneva and Kare & Kare Limited.

Whiles these three parties are battling on the ownership, the National Security Coordinator; Larry Gbevlo Lartey, intervened by asking Glasbrown Company Limited to take safe storage of the disputed oil.

After the assistance of the Ghana Navy, interesting developments have evolved concerning the storage of the oil which led to an earlier front page story carried by this paper with the headline; ‘Oil Tug Of War – Oil evacuated by National Security in Danger;’ carried in the 20thJanuary 2014 edition of the New Crusading GUIDE.

When the story broke, the National Security denied saying the oil was intact and had not been tampered with. When Glasbrown was contacted they refused to comment on the matter.

However, just last week, The New Crusading GUIDE reporter was invited by one of the workers of Glasbrown into the yard where the oil was kept, and we can authoritatively report that the oil currently with Glasbrown is nowhere near the 3500 tons as is known to the national security.

Our source also challenged the National Security that they should come to Glasbrown on their own and check the quantity of oil currently available.

The New Crusading GUIDE’s story had indicated that the oil had been siphoned out and sold on the Ghanaian market and that if care was not taken Glasbrown could add engine oil to the seized controversial oil to dilute the oil.

What we published in January was confirmed by our latest tour of the Glasbrown facility. Meanwhile, The New Crusading GUIDE still awaits a response from Glasbrown, which was supposed to come as far back as January when we placed a telephone call to them.

In the January story; our source said there had been numerous tankers coming to load the controversial oil and carrying it off to an unknown location.
The case is currently being heard at the Tema High Court.