NDC, Ghana’s Longest Serving Political Party In Power With Cheap Policies

A member of Communications Team of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has blamed the economic breakdown and the general under developed nature of the country on the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He accuses the NDC of wasting close to 27 years of rule with cheap policies which lack innovation to improve the living condition of Ghanaians.

Nana Boakye asserts the eleven years of military era coupled with the eight years of democratic rule under former President Rawlings never saw any major policies being rolled out to transform the economy of Ghana apart from road construction, school buildings and district hospitals which are statutory responsibilities of every government.

“Our problems and the hardship Ghanaians are going through after 57 years of independence should be blamed on NDC. P/NDC will be ruling Ghana for 27 years come 2016 and yet there is no major policy introduced to boost the economy of the country. If there is any party we should blame for our predicament then it is NDC…..I know NDC will take pride in the number of boreholes, schools, district hospitals and rural electrification but to me this means that NDC is a cheap government”, he asserted on Ghana Decides’ program on Okay fm.

The NPP Communicator who is based in the Ashanti Region added that the NDC has not added anything worthy of value to Ghanaians but have rather increased everything which adds value to the lives of Ghanaians as fuel prices go up almost every month as well as cost of living.To him, the current hardship that has plagued Ghanaians is as a result of leadership crisis and sided with Nana Akufo Addo’s assertion that the “NDC is thinking about the next elections rather than the future generation”.

“…Ghana would have witnessed unprecedented improvement both in the lives of the citizenry and in the economy if the NDC, with their long stay in power, had introduced some innovative programmes such as the ones initiated by former President Kufuor when he assumed the reins of leadership….,” Nana Boakye said.