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5 Marriage Lessons that Mothers Should Give to Their Sons


When it comes to marriages, mothers share a lot of information and give a lot of advice to their daughters. But, they often forget or overlook the importance of imparting some advice when it comes to their sons. In fact, the relationship a son has with his mother or how he sees his mother, is usually reflected on how he sees and treats other women, especially his wife. Therefore, it is important for mothers to have a chat with their sons just before their marriage, on marriage.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few things that this chat can start with. And dear mothers, if you don’t feel like having a face-to-face chat, just share this article with your to-be married sons and we are sure they will get the idea!

1. Don’t compare your wife with me!

A mother should make sure that her son never compares his wife to her. Whether it comes to cooking or managing the household, most men end up comparing their better halves to their mommies (knowingly or unknowingly). Dear son, you need to realise that your mother has more than two decades of experience of being a wife (and mother). While, your life partner is as new to marriage as you are. So, whether it is her culinary skills, managing the budget, waking up on time, or anything that the super-mommy does better, do not compare it all with your wife. Your wife is just as awesome in her own way (isn’t that the reason you both are together?), and some day she will be just an awesome mommy to your child.

2. Your wife is not your “mommy”!

That’s right, guys! Your wife is not your mommy. This means, it is time to grow up, become responsible, and do some work yourself. And don’t crib about how your mother used to pamper you all the time. You were your mother’s baby, and she was there to take care of you. On the other hand, to your wife, you are her companion, and so you both have to take care of each other. Help her out, divide work, and no matter what, take care of your own things. This means, socks go in the laundry and not on the floor and the wet towel does not belong on the bed.

3. Respect your life partner!

Yes, your parents will always be important for you and even for your better half. Having said that, your wife is the one who will be standing by your side and facing all the ups and downs with you always. So, she needs to be treated as an equal. Share with her everything, take her advice in every decision, and give importance to her opinions. Make her your priority. She will never be able to or try to undermine your mother’s position in your life. But, she too deserves your respect. Once you truly see your wife as your ‘better half’ and ‘life partner’, you will be living the happiest marriage.

4 . Help your wife at every step!

Your wife has kissed goodbye to her family and home for you. So, now it is your turn to make her feel as comfortable as possible in the new home. Her life has turned upside down, and even small things can make her uncomfortable and anxious. So, make sure you become her partner and guide in her new home. Also, make sure that she feels at ease to talk about her feelings. Make sure that you do small little things to make her adjustment to the new environment and lifestyle pleasant and easy.

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