31st December Women’s Movement Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today marks another milestone in the lives of women all over the world, especially Ghanaian women. This year’s theme “Inspiring Change” is very inspirational and as women, we can confidently look back over the years and congratulate ourselves for all our achievements.

No matter how insignificant our achievement might be, women all over the world are now a force to reckon with.

Many years ago, a handful of women took action to be recognized and today with the limited number of women in leadership, our struggle for gender equality is on the world agenda.

The 31st December Women’s Movement started the struggle in Ghana for Women’s right and today many women are ministers, advocates, mediators, activists etc. the entire membership of the 31st December Women’s Movement would like to congratulate all women in leadership for their unweaving pursuit of the gender equality for all Ghanaians.

The challenges of the world, especially in Africa is extremely perilous, nevertheless women must take advantage of opportunities to emerge as confident, bold, and dynamic and change agents to bring improvement to the lives of all women.

As advocates of the Affirmative Action bill, the Movement is urging the government to speed up the process to bring more women that are competent into leadership, to help solve some of the problems facing the country.

We believe that no country can prosper when women’s voices are silenced, their bodies exploited and their rights violated. Oppression of women goes hand in hand with failed societies and failed societies are a danger to peace and stability.

The best defense against poverty, conflict, ignorance, child prostitution, HIV and AIDS, sex trafficking, street children, Kayayei etc is a strong and healthy family structure.

The character of a nation begins in the home, because it is stable families that produce good citizens and these are virtues on which democracy depends and the empowerment of women is central to this endeavour. We entreat government to pursue more programs to counter these problems for the benefit of intra-generation and inter-generations to come.

Since 1982, the 31st December Women’s Movement has championed and chartered the course for women empowerment and advancement, politically, socially, economically and culturally and we are very proud of our achievements. Over the years, the Movement has worked tirelessly, advocating for women’s participation in leadership, and today we have more women at the forefront of leadership and in public life in this country.

We use this day and opportunity to encourage more women to take up the mandate of leadership so that together we can continue the journey of building our nation and the world at large. We call on all women to be agents of change and we recommend the following;

– Improve on your personal health with regular check-ups

– Help your family to stay healthy

– Learn to praise and encourage each other and be an advocate for change wherever you find yourself.

As we celebrate this day let us reflect on the need for commitment and the importance of honesty in seeking what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. This search must have much to do with understanding the past from which we have emerged, for a life devoid of such knowledge is one without a meaningful future. The solution lies in our own hands, so arise all women and make an impact on Ghana.

Ayekoo women of Ghana.

Long Live Ghana

Long Live the 31st December Women’s Movement