Top 4 Things Women Hate Men For

2575453_GMost women have a very forgiving heart, especially when it comes to their love. However, there are certain things that most women hate and when men do those things and make those mistakes, most women find it hard to overlook them. Hence, all men should try and avoid making these mistakes always when in a relationship. Here are a few mistakes that men make and women hate:

1. Sometimes, men become way too jealous. There is a very thin line between being possessive and becoming a maniac. There are many men who are way too possessive about their women and in order to cure their own possessiveness and jealousy, they often end up comprising the personal space of their women. A woman might take the jealousy factor for a while but sooner or later, it will backfire. Thus, if you want a healthy relationship, make sure that you keep your jealousy under control and give your lady the space that she deserves.

2. Any woman who is intelligent and dignified will hate bragging, showing off and exaggerating things- habits that most men indulge in. Humility is the best sign of greatness. Thus, do not brag or exaggerate things. It is the biggest turn off for most women.

3. One of the things that women really hate is when a man starts to give up on the person that he presented himself as, in the initial stages of a relationship. During the courtship period, all men stay on their best behavior and use all their charms to woo the lady. However, as soon as they get into a relationship, they start taking things for granted and begin to change. This is something that all women hate. Though after people get into a relationship, things tend to change a little. However, all men should make sure that they do change things so much that the relationship starts to become a headache for the woman.

4. You may love a woman as much as you want but if you do not show her proper respect, the chances are that she will never be able to fall in love with you with all her heart. For a woman, her self-respect is the most important thing and any dignified woman would never let you play with it. So, irrespective of whatever you are going through or however angry you are, make sure that you do not disrespect her ever. If you do, she will bear it in her heart against you forever.

These are some of mistakes that men make. Women hate them. Out of love for their men, they may continue to take them for a while but eventually, these mistakes will begin to affect your relationship. Thus, make sure as the man in the relationship, you keep your lady happy and do not give her a chance to complain.