The Rot @ KATH

Intel picked up by the ‘Daily Post’ indicates that attempts by some high ups in the management of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) to cover-up the unethical conduct of Dr. Adam Gyedu which led to the death of a patient, Solomon Mensah, on Friday, February 21, 2014.

Solomon Mensah had been diagnosed as having strangulated inguinal hernia (a dire medical emergency). Dr. Gyedu decided to operate on him but asked that the family see him. Among the relatives who turned up to see him was a medical student, Edwin Osei. Dr. Gyedu therefore called the meeting off and asked his trainee surgeon, Dr. Adu Gyamfi to send the patient to the theatre for surgery.

However, when it was time for the surgery, Dr. Gyedu was nowhere to be found. Phone calls from the trainee surgeon to him went unanswered even though he admitted later to seeing the missed calls.

Dr. Gyedu also failed to inform his colleague surgeons who could have operated the patient in his absence. The following day, a Friday, he turned up at the theatre to operate on some non-emergency cases. Nothing the deteriorating condition f the patient, the nurse Anesthetists, a chap called James, who was at the theatre asked Dr. Gyedu to first attend to the emergency but he latter refused. This resulted in a heated argument and almost into fisticuffs between Dr. Gyedu and the nurse anesthetists, called James. Dr. Gyedu stood his grounds and while operating on the non-emergency case, Solomon Mensah passed away.

Quickly, he is said to have reported himself to Prof. Ohene Yeboah, Head of the Surgery Department who many fear is attempting to cover-up for Dr. Gyedu.

What shocked most staffers at KATH was that when relatives of the deceased reported the matter to the CEO of KATH, Prof. Ohene Adjei, he tasked the relatives to write a report and submit it to him.
Worried members of the hospital told this paper that it is important for the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana to take over investigations into the matter because of plots all over to cover-up for Dr. Gyedu.

According to Deep Throat sources at the hospital, there is a grand plan to push the blame on the trainee doctor, Dr. Adu Gyamfi. What is more, the medical student, Edwin Osei is under pressure and may be failed in his exams because of the belief by some that he was the one who leaked the tragedy to the ‘Daily Post’.

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, Edwin Osei, who should otherwise be happy that the ‘Daily Post’ has taken up the issue of how Dr. Gyedu’s wickedness led to his relatives death called the editor of the paper and attacked him for mentioning his name in the stories published.

He told the editor that as a result of the publication, accusing fingers are being pointed at him as the one who leaked the story to the paper. He therefore demanded that the paper publish the source of its informant.

A sources at the hospital later told this paper that Edwin Osei’s attack on the editor is indicative of the fact that cover-up for Dr. Gyedu is on.

Meanwhile, the Daily Post’ has been doing some investigations at the Surgery Department of KATH and will on Monday publish its findings.