Ghana Endorses Cyber Crime?

Barely 48 hours ago that the Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board Yaw Akrasi-Sarpong loosesly revealed that, he prefers the youth of the country to take advantage of the cyber crime business to the narcotics business since it is more lucrative and important and fetches quick money, the government of Ghana have remained silent over his comments.

Neither the Presidency nor the Minister of Interior Mr. Kwesi Ahwio have called officials of the Narcotics Control Board to order for the bad utterances made that cyber crime is better and would encourage each and everyone of Ghana to patronize with passion.

Some Ghanaians in an interview with infoghana have condemned the comments by the NACOB boss, saying he should be removed with immediate effect, since his behaviour is akin to a baberian.

Mr. Akrasi-Sarpong is a nuisance to Ghana and he must not be allowed to head such an honourable institution, Madam Grace Danso, a tutor at Nungua said.

Mr. Kingsley Mills of Dansoman said that both cyber crime and drug trade are illegal and sees no sense for Mr. Sarpong to hail one and condemn the other, adding he must be removed.

The President John Dramani Mahama was called on to immediately dismiss Mr. Yaw Akrasi-Sarpong for his loose talk has tarnished the image of the country.

I will be surprise at Prez Mahama if Mr. Akrasi-Sarpong is maintained as the NACOB boss; since he is not fit to serve the country, Ras Kobby of Circle maintained.

Mr. Akrasi was captured to have asserted that those in the drug business are ‘stupids’ and do not deserve to be called as real business tycoons in the society, since in his view those in the ‘sakawa’ business are more intelligent and smart.

According to him, he sees no sense for an individual currier or drug trafficker to swallow huge sums of hard drugs and later suffer when a pellet busts into his stomach but would go for cyber crime business instead of the narcotics business.

Mr Akrasi-Sarpong made these bizzare and appalling comments during the 45th annual report launch of the International Narcotics Board (INCB) at the headquarters of the Narcotics Control Board in Accra Tuesday afternoon where opined that despite cyber crime is relatively not good, he would vouch for it and would entreat that the youth and the drug barons ventures into it.

He however expressed worry about the increasing rate of distribution and use of marijuana in Ghana, adding that the country is making international headlines for the use and production of marijuana and trafficking in the deadly methamphetamine substance.

The NACOB boss added that the situation has escalated to alarming proportions which, if not regulated immediately, could have serious consequences on the future of the youth in Ghana.

“… It is more dangerous than cocaine and heroine,’’

Mr Akrasi Sarpong said drugs such as cocaine and heroin were currently not as threatening to the country as marijuana.

“Marijuana continues to be the gravest challenge, prevalent usage, it cuts across all sectors society and every village in this country you have a pusher,’’ he added.

He further stated that the of Indian Hemp in the saloons by women is a recognition that every home uses the marijuana substance. ‘’It is grown 24/7 in homes, flower pots, roofs etc; Somehow, in the West African sub-region Ghana marijuana is a premium,’’ he noted.

He revealed that there is a thriving market for the Ghanaian marijuana.

‘’Our major problem is Indian Hemp,’’ he stressed.