Calm returns to Bimbilla

Friday 7th March , 2014 7:31 am

policeReports from the Bimbilla District in the Northern Region indicate that calm has been restored to the area after sporadic shooting between rival factions on Thursday night. Disagreement over the burial place of the Na-Kpana Salifu Dawunide reportedly resulted in the sporadic shooting.

Speaking to Citi News, the District Chief Executive for Bimbilla, Alhaji Ibn Abbas said there are security personnel on the ground to maintain law and order.

“The situation is under control as i speak now. There were a few disturbances within the township in relation to the death and the burial arrangement of the Na-Kpana. There was some controversy regarding where he should be buried and where he shouldn’t be buried, that was what led to sporadic shooting. But the security personnel are in effective control now. The whole day, we are in meeting with the factions, and talking to them,” he added.

The Nanumba North District Security Council in the Northern region has also imposed a 12-hour curfew on Bimbilla. One person died during the exchange of gun fire.

The chief who died on Wednesday was to be buried in the town but the Andani faction is said to have opposed this decision.

By: Ama Agyemang Asante/