Brazil 2014: Aged Black Stars’ Players Must Retire – Zakour

Former Chief Executive Officer of Accra Hearts of Oak, Harry Zakour, says most of the players in the national football team, the Black Stars, have aged and must retire.

In a no-holds-barred interview, Mr Zakour said a lot of the players are hiding their real age, a situation he bemoans.

He suggests all the aged players be replaced with younger ones ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Age-cheating is a controversial issue among footballers in Africa, especially those who ply their trade in Europe.

According to Zakour, it’s high time the Ghana Football Association and football managers in the country realised that the players in the national team are aging.

“…They are growing. Our players are hitting 35, 36, 37 [years] and they tell you they are 24 and 25 years. We don’t like the truth,” Zakour fumed.

“Today tell me, ‘which player is 23 or 24’? They are growing. Who are they fooling? Are they fooling me or fooling themselves? They are disgracing themselves,” he stressed.

His fury comes on the back of the Black Stars’ loss of a friendly game to Montenegro ahead of the World Cup.

Zakour told the Sunday Night Live show on GTV that the technical handlers of the team must have in mind the reality that the Stars will be clashing with football giants such as Germany, Portugal and the USA and therefore the need to retire aged players.

Most Ghanaian Players in Europe have not been enjoying much playing time in their various clubs.