Ataa Skolo And The "Just Another Day"

A comedy series making airwaves on GhOne, Saturdays at 4pm is one to look at. The series is endowed with talents running on simple themes including; Robbery, Rape, Sakawa, Boys Abr3 and the likes. It is also in bout to pull up the derailing ghanaian comedy.

Led character and Executive Producer of “Just Another Day” Alphonse Menyo, has explained that he derived the name “Ataa Skolo” from the Osu community. Ataa Skolo was once a name of his neighbour in Osu. The man Ataa Skolo was a type with an “awkward lifestyle”. Little did he give heed to situations around him yet he was always the “talk of the town” he stated. Skolo is a person who always had an excuse for any mishap. For that matter, he was viewed as an outcast. In the peak of admiration of his personality, his whereabout became futilous. Alphonse, as a film maker and an auditor of characters, realised the need to play the exceptional Skolo style.

“Since the name was rare, I googled it but no vital information was given me”. After countless efforts of gaining no link with the name, decided to transform the Skolo life into drama.

That ushered us into the experience of this millenium “Just Another Day” TV series.

Though such a dream has been able to come to the limelight it hadn’t being easy at all. Producing, Acting and assisting in Directing was not a class one job afterall. It was challenging having an oversight of everything as a young producer cum director. Attitudes of artistes was also another factor. “It only takes a stoic person like myself to deal with it”. I wouldn’t allow the problems kill my dream he had said.

In an open question about his battling to win sponsors he has reiterated that “Meeting the right people at the right time” was his slogan.

He further told CMN that if a programme does not have a sponsor, does not mean it is bad but time determines it. Especially in this corruption age when “whom you know” answers it all. Also he claimed the broadcasters know how much goes into the series before it gets on air. He ended it all by saying “One person can’t fool a whole TV-Station”

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