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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

America Using GMOs To Control The World – Akosa


A fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Prof Agyeman Badu Akosa, has told Radio XYZ that the United States of America is seeking to control the world through food, especially GMOs.

“In America there are think tanks that think 10 years ahead, 20 years ahead, 30 years ahead. They are not thinking of today, the kind of ‘yor k3 gari that they’ll eat.’ So they are thinking about how to bring hydrogen and oxygen molecules [together] to create water, scientifically, and if they can create water, they dominate the world.

“Now it is food, because Henry Kissinger says that: ‘If you control oil, you control nations; you control food, you control people,’ and now the best way for America to continue to feel that it is the country in this Universe is to control people. So now they are going into GMOs. They are going into plant breeders’ bill which is not there to protect Ghanaian plant breeders,” Prof Akosa told XYZ Breakfast Show host Moro Awudu on Wednesday.

According to him, the current plant breeders’ bill which is being considered by Ghana’s Parliament is not in the interest of local plant breeders.

He wondered: “How can you write a bill that says that: ‘any country that is party to an international agreement gets the same rights in this country as local plant breeders,’ and you tell me that the essence of the bill is to protect the Ghanaian plant breeder?”

“We should read in between the lines; we should begin to understand the nuances of international politics. We seem to sit down and academics read the bill and say it is well written and yet it [was] almost copied word for word from the international bill. It’s well written; well written so what? Is it well written to benefit you in this country?”

An anti-GMO coalition, championed by NGO Food Sovereignty Ghana has waged a serious campaign against the passage of the bill into law. The group, just like Prof Akosa, believes the bill will hoodwink the local farmer.

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