Why Are You A Christian?

Most people are faithful to God for what He has done and continue to do for them.

Whilst others are faithful to Him in their poverty and lack because they waiting on God to supply their needs and bless them.

How do you see God-a factory that produces and supply your needs?
And you -a consumer for this factory?

Will you still serve God if he takes away all your blessings like it happened to Job, without any assurance of it ever being restored, as it happened to most of the apostles who died tragically without God intervening to help them?

God exist for a purpose! Find out who He is and why He exist?

He created you with purpose too. Find out who you are and what you are doing here?

You will discover that those purposes are larger than God being a supplier and you a consumer.

Only God can tell you why he created you. Because no product determines their use. The manufacturer does.

Why were you created?
Is there a meaning to life?
How do you live a purpose-driven life?
May God guide you through these tough life’s questions.
Because these are not things you can understand with logic and critical thinking. Neither can philosophy help!
You need grace.

For it is written, ‘ call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’