Prez Mahama: The Gap between the Rich and the Poor Must Be Bridged

His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama has asked Ghanaians to have quality education irrespective of where they are living in the country.

According to him, the era where only the ‘rich’ attains quality education must be eliminated in the country. Thus, quality education must be vacant and available to the less privilege as well.

“We must be vigilant to address the inequalities that face our society. The gap between the rich and the poor must be bridged. All children must have access to quality education whether they are male or female…or whether they live in the village or they live in the city.

…Young people must be afforded the skills needed in order to find gainful employment. Also, proper healthcare must be available to all our people” he said.

Delivering Ghana’s 57th Independence Anniversary speech at the Black Star Square, President Mahama opined that, his dream to make education and healthcare feasible to the less privilege will not be just a one-day wonder.

“These are not nice statement to stand here and say. These are realistic goals that we must strive every day to meet. Our people’s lives depends on us…Ghana’s future depends on us” he said.

He however admitted that, “A country without people is nothing more than a piece of land. We cannot afford to leave any of our citizens behind. The more Ghanaians we allow to be left behind…our country Ghana itself will be left behind”

He also asked all Ghanaians to come together and support the government in the quest to build and develop the nation and to show a sense of selflessness and nationalism.

This year’s Independence Day celebrations was on the theme, “Building a Better and Prosperous Ghana through patriotism and National Unity”.