Kofi Wayo Starts Clinic

The charitable nationalism of ‘Chuck’ Kofi Wayo has reached Anhwiam in the Eastern Region, where Ghana’s most open-handed politician is building a clinic to answer the acute lack of medical facility for the people.

The clinic, which is expected to be completed very soon, will be handed over to the people of the village as a gesture of honest patriotism by Mr. Wayo, who said he was moved to construct the facility by the sudden death of a child.

Sometime in January this year, Mr. Wayo, the founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP), was on a distribution tour of the Eastern Region to donate cutlasses to peasant farmers when he came across a very sick boy and his mother (names withheld).

Mr. Wayo explains that in an attempt to trek to a distant medical facility, located outside the village, for the son to be treated, the woman suffered serious trauma when the son dropped suddenly and died instantly.

The spectacle of the incident, ‘Chuck’ Kofi Wayo, said was so moving that he decided there and then to help the people of Anhwiam build a clinic for the village.

The chiefs and people, Mr. Wayo said, happily received his offer of help and donated the land-site for the clinic, which has since been started.

Mr. Wayo says he is looking forward to the completion of the clinic so the people of Anhwiam would be spared the dire consequences of not having any medical facility in the village.

In an interview with The “Enquirer” newspaper, however, the maverick politician expressed indignation at the fact that the Member of Parliament for the area would not even donate 10 bags of cement for the project upon request.

Under the circumstance, Mr. Wayo is constrained to bear the cost for putting up the clinic alone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wayo is also helping the people of Kwai, near Anhwiam, to build a police station.

The man, who speaks his mind on radio like no other, told The Enquirer that he was shocked that in spite of the plenty revenue that is generated from palm at Kwai, the people could not raise money to build a police station until he stepped in.

‘Chuck’ Kofi Wayo has donated thousands of cutlasses to peasant farmers around the country to encourage them to till the land.

He has also donated hundreds of bags of cement towards the building of classroom blocks and aided many poor people with surgical bills.

With the help that he gives out coming from his own pocket, Mr. Wayo says he does not understand why other politicians, especially those in government, which collects taxes from the people, cannot be similarly generous.

He, especially, abhors MPs who drive in $100,000 cars in Accra, while their constituents wallow in abject poverty and disease.