3 Great Tips To Romance Your Husband!!!

images (11)Some ideas from Sumber to get both of you in the mood?

1. Greet your husband in costume and a lot of laughing.

2. Act cranky when you see him and ask him to clean the dishwasher right now, but have a glass of scotch on the counter with a scavenger hunt note directing him back to the floor of the living room where you are waiting for him in a sea of candles…

3. Most men like a good surprise guest in the shower for a quickie.
Nothing like a great massage that becomes a slippery love making session.

Think your guy will be taken aback by you suddenly taking the lead? Well, again, it comes down to communication. “Make him a nice dinner and ask if it is OK to discuss some things that have been on your mind,” suggests Sumber. “Ask him how he feels about you initiating sometimes. See how he responds. And treat experimentation as fun and exciting, not a major downer. Don’t forget to have fun!”