Underprivileged Kids Demonstrated Classic Talents At The “Unheard Voices” Concert

Last Saturday, 15th February around 14 o’clock, the Goethe Institute in Cantonments Accra was invaded by a group of energetic young people – 9 to be exact. They were there to make the Unheard Voices heard.

For the past month and a half, they have been going through musical workshops learning how to compose a song, how to rhyme and count bars.

The underprivileged kids demonstrated what I describe a classic talents at the “Unheard Voices” concert proving their mettle beyond all borders.

Everyone scrambles to get their songs to perform and some earphones so they can get their parts just right.

The concert emceed by IUE saw more foreigners in their numbers and Ghanaians who came to support the programme including some highly talented up-coming artistes like Hoodkid, Worlasi, Spiri, Hamid the poet, Amu the Great and the project co-ordinator, Delasi himself who closed the show – with support from the Unheard Voices.

They performed their songs ‘Unheard Voices’, ‘Africa Woman’ and the showstopper ‘Unity’. They want the world to hear their story. Ghana is their country, and they are proud of it!

Below are some of the pictures from the show.

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