Relationships – Rejection Is A Gift – Accept It And Use It!!!

images (1)Sorry if that’s harsh, but I’d rather see you be in a serious relationship with someone who wants to be with you, then be with someone who’d rather do something else than be with you. You are too valuable to waste your time with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or want you. And that’s exactly how you should look at rejection – as a gift that can point you in the right direction once it is recognized and accepted. There are a lot of men you can be with if you want to, and you should not want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. So use this rejection as a time-saver, and figure out what it is you do want in a relationship, how to present yourself in order to get what you want, and then start dating eligible, available guys who want to be with you – not guys you call up or you ask out.

Oh – and did I mention this: NEVER make the first move in kissing or s*x. If you do, you’ll be taking the opportunity away from the man to do what will make him feel most like a man – being in charge in the s*xual relationship (and yes – kissing is part of a s*xual relationship).