Prez Mahama Only Gave A Motivational Speech….

Despite the sod cutting for the commencement of the 200 Senior High School building project promised to Ghanaians by President John Dramani Mahama, many opposition parties especially the New Patriotic Party believes it is one the various fuzzy promises he has made since he became President of Ghana.

One of such is a member of the communication team of the NPP, Davies Opoku, who describes President Mahama’s speech delivered on the floor of Parliament as a mere motivational speech lacking the reality Ghanaians are going through.

According to him, President Mahama failed to tell Ghanaians what he has done for the country since he became President and what good intentions he has for the country in the years ahead of him.

Expressing disappointment in the President’s speech, Davies Opoku asserted that President Mahama was rather hinting on what he thought should have happened in the country.

“Ghanaians want to know what you (Mahama) have done and what you intend to do and not what you think or imagine should have happened in Ghana. He should show us the current state of the nation; he deviated completely and rather gave us a motivational speech,” he opined on Okay Fm’s “Ghana Decides” programme.

Addressing the current state of the nation, he averred that Ghanaians were expecting to hear President Mahama indicating the best way to resolve the water crises currently facing Ghanaians, and slammed the president for delivering a sentimental speech which offered no solutions to the collapsing of local businesses in the country due to the new measures from Bank of Ghana which restrict importers on amount of dollars to use to transact business.