NPP Is Cool With Being In Opposition…More Interested In Fighting Against Each Other

The National Youth Organizer of the People’s National Convention, Abu Ramadan has called on the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to play its role effectively in Ghana’s politics or else turn the party into a religious centre.

Abu Ramadan expressed disappointment in the NPP for its failure to serve as a check on the incumbent government.

Contributing to a panel discussion programme on Oman FM, he reminded the NPP to note that it is a party in opposition and if its members cannot play their role well, then “they should rather turn their party into a church or else, they will be worse off than the PNC.”

According to him, the NPP is expected to sit on the opposition bench and ensure that government does not take decisions to the disadvantage of Ghanaians.

He explained that the NPP is a party full of “rich” gurus who until they feel the pinch of hardship Ghanaians are facing, will gracefully slumped into their chairs and unably oppose government when it makes the wrong decisions.

“Opposition in this country currently is failing the ordinary Ghanaian…New Patriotic Party, the largest opposition party, appears to be an aristocratic party; so, they’re not really concerned with certain economic issues. They are rich people in the party and so, if they are not hungry; they don’t see the need to take aggressive steps,” to kick against the challenges confronting the economy.

“NPP as a party has failed. They’re in opposition but they don’t look worried. The party is good at fighting themselves internally than with the government in power,” he stated emphatically.

He however advised the NPP to “join forces with opposition parties to make sure that we remove this party” or else “the NPP can as well forget its political fortunes.”