Prosecute Mr Price ‘Thieves’ Too – Chris Akcumey

Legal practitioner, Chris Akcumey is calling for the prosecution of the three ladies who allegedly shoplifted at Mr Price at the Accra Mall.

The police have arrested the security personnel who manhandled the three ladies, and will soon process them for court.

The security personnel have been criticized publicly for ordering the three girls to crawl out of the shop to the main entrance of the mall.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr. Akcumey who condemned the girls’ maltreatment however said they should also be prosecuted alongside the security personnel.

According to him, although the rights of the girls were violated by the public humiliation, the rights “do not in any way close the door to the criminal prosecution of the act that they allegedly committed.”

He pointed out that “there are two separate issues so we must learn to draw the line of demarcation between the two.”

“They have rights…but at the same time, any act which invited the violation of the rights; if it is criminal, they also stand to be prosecuted for that act,” he said.

Meanwhile, another lawyer, Philip Kpemka has told Citi News, the prosecution of the security personnel is legally feasible.

He explained saying, “we have two aspects of it. One of it is that the Police can decide to prosecute whoever did what they did under criminal law or the persons interested in the matter can pursue a civil action in it under fundamental human rights.”

In a related development, the Greater Accra Police Command says it is still looking for the three girls who were manhandled by security personnel at the Mr. Price shop at the Accra Mall for allegedly shop lifting.

The Command says the three girls have an active role to play in prosecuting the security personnel at the shop.

Speaking to Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of the Greater Accra Regional Police, DSP Freeman Tettey said the Police is still going ahead to prosecute the security personnel and the Manageress of the shop despite the unavailability of the girls.