Man Found Alive In Before Funeral Home Embalming

A man in Mississippi went through this nightmare after he was found alive and kicking in his body bag after doctors had pronounced him dead .Walter “Snowball” Williams was found by workers at the Porter and Sons funeral home, right as they were about to embalm his body.

The 78-year old man was believed by relatives to be dead, but he made it clear that it wasn’t time for him to go just yet.

The coroner was called to the man’s house by his family, who said that he had no pulse. Apparently, the job wasn’t done thoroughly enough, because a trip to the hospital might have been better.

The man literally started kicking in his body bad, which led workers to realize that he was alive. The family says that they believe the man’s pacemaker had stopped working and then came back.

“Seemed like he had more life in him again,” said Williams’ daughter, Martha A. Lewis.“And then we had just stopped talking, and he told us ‘what did you all stop talking for?’ Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!”