Develop Innovative Ways To Generate Funds For Self-Development – Public Institutions Told

The Director of the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-STEPRI), Dr George Owusu Essegbey, has urged public institutions to develop innovative ways of generating funds to improve their working conditions.

“Public organisations in Ghana can effectively improve their service conditions through internal generation of resources, and this requires that all the critical actors should be open minded, ready to change and ready to take risks and break with conventions,” he said.

The building

Dr Essegbey said that at the inauguration of a multipurpose office complex for the staff of the STEPRI in Accra.

The project, estimated to cost GH¢400,000, was funded by the internally generated funds of the STEPRI and has offices and conference and lecture halls.

The challenges

Dr Essegbey said the government started the project about 10 years ago but it was abandoned.

Out of desperation, he said, the institute decided to use its internally generated funds (IGF) to complete and furnish the building for use, with approval from the Director-General of the CSIR.

The Director-General of the CSIR, Dr Abdul Salifu, urged the management of the various institutes under the CSIR to commercialise their products to generate more funds for their development.