The Top 5 Reasons Married Moms Cheat

A new survey sheds light on moms who stray outside their marriages and why they choose to do so.

1. The number one reason moms said they cheat? Thirty-five percent do it to spice things up and add excitement to their lives.

2. An additional 27.5 percent said they stray because their husbands are inattentive.

3. 22.5 percent said do it because they’re unsatisfied in bed.

4. 10 percent indicated they’re cheating for revenge.

5. And another 5 percent step outside their marriages because they’re angry with their spouses.

However, over half of the cheating moms are not looking to give up on their marriages; 55 percent said they’re not planning to file for divorce for their kids’ sake.

What do you think? Should cheating parents remain in the marriage for the kids, or is straying a sign it’s time to split?