For Men: What You Should Know About Undershirts

Think of your undershirts as your dress shirt’s little helper. If you are an average income earner like me but you know the importance of buying quality shirts so much that you’ve invested a fortune in them, then you must appreciate your undershirts.

When you have really beautiful quality, super luxurious cotton dress shirts, you don’t want to over-launder them. If you wear a T-shirt underneath your dress shirt, it runs interference for you by absorbing the sweat, dirt, and body oils that we all inevitably secrete.

By putting a nice little tee under your dress shirt, you might be able to get away with not having to launder the shirt every time you wear it, especially if you have a car and don’t have to rub your beautiful shirt against people’s sweaty skin and dirty seats of buses, and your shirt will last with you for even longer.

Picking out undershirts to buy doesn’t really have to do with brands. Even if your tee is made in Aba, just make sure it is 100% cotton. Put your hand underneath the shirt; if you can’t see your hand through the fabric, that’s a good gauge of quality. Mr Kressley once spoke about some ridiculously super luxurious undershirts made of silk, but why would anyone spend so much on silk undershirts when you can get soft and cuddly good old high-quality cotton for less?

Undershirts come in different necklines as you know; crew-neck, V-neck, and the wife beater. Wearing a V-neck with a dress shirt with an open neck is great. Ladies call it sexy when they say see bare chest. Of course, flaunting bare chest is ‘flaunting bare chest’. Please don’t show your chest if it’s hairy. Your woman may love to play with it, but not everyone wants to see your hairy chest. In fact, someone once said seeing a hairy chest spoils her day.

lol..maybe not this hairy

Sadly, some ladies from the eastern side of Nigeria are endowed with hair in more places than their head, and they hate to share the mirror with their man when he shaves in the morning, so they just leave the hairs. I’m sure you’ve seen a girl flaunting a hairy chest, or am I the only one who have seen such?

Sorry about the digression. Back to our undershirts talk. Some hate to see the white ring of a crewneck T-shirt peeking out from underneath a dress shirt with an open neck. I may be indifferent about this because mum raised me to wear it because of cold, but fashionistas say it’s not dope. If you have to wear a crewneck T-shirt that will show, make sure it’s white.

Except you are a member of the NYSC, never wear T-shirts meant to be undershirts alone without a shirt on it. You are free like I said if you are a corps member, no one wants you to spend all your allowance on tees you have to wear as often as they make you do.

The kind of white T-shirts you can wear alone on jeans is not the same kind made as undershirts, and you know it…you can spot the difference.

wifebeater… or singlet

The wife beater fashion gurus say have become more obsolete, and might as well be eradicated. They believe the wife beater fulfill no purpose as they don’t cover the areas where you sweat most, your armpits. We can’t do without the wife beater in Nigeria though, as our native attires favour them. No one wants to see your crewneck or V-neck tee showing from at the neckline of your buba.


Finally, if you don’t work in a bakery and probably want a light top and thick trouser, never wear the wife beater alone with jeans, please! It reminds one of tank tops which many ignorantly use as a fashion statement today. The only place for tank tops is the gym. Don’t make heat an excuse to wear a tank top to class.

tank top

If there’s something I’ve written here that you don’t agree with, please let’s hear you.