Cool Tips For Staying Composed Under Pressure You Should Know


It’s absolutely common to stress out in pressuring situations, but learning some basic strategies to stay cool under pressure can help one get through the process as relaxed as possible.

Perhaps you are preparing to give a speech or have a job interview; the stress that comes along can be an awful feeling. It can feel like a ticking time bomb about to explode inside you. Your heart races, butterflies fill your stomach, and your palms sweat. Unfortunately, stress can affect the most confident of people, so it is in everyone’s best interest to learn some strategies to stay relaxed.

No One Has To Know

People shouldn’t be able to tell you’re stressed unless you tell them. If you act cool it’s easier to stay cool. People aren’t mind readers. They can’t know what you’re feeling by looking at you. If you’re stressed it can be a huge relief to know people don’t necessarily see that. Act normal, smile, take deep breaths — it can help your body slow down and rewind.

Deep breathing is a key skill when it comes to relieving stress. It slows down racing hearts, makes muscles relax and helps people focus. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe, and just be. Whatever is going on in the outside world can wait for a few moments, and when you open your eyes you’re ready to stay cool and face it again.

Positive Thoughts
Yes, it’s redundant. . . but it’s also true! The next time you’re in a stressful situation try and find three qualities about yourself that prove that you can handle your stressor. That terrifying job interview? It’s suddenly not so hard if you remember that you’re great with children, patient, and firm and thus would be the perfect employee for the daycare that’s hiring.

If you can think of three things then chances are you can think of a couple more. Knowing that you’re ready and accomplished enough to handle the things that cause you anxiety are a great way to stay cool and collected.

Stress can be terrifying, and it can really throw someone into a funk. But it’s not something that should take control over everyday life. So the next time you feel like everything’s out of control, think positive and stay cool!