[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend’s Side-Chick Is Pregnant For Him, I Am Shattered. Please Help!!!!

images (4)On my way to the salon last weekend, I visited my boyfriend at his place at Surulere. When I got to his place, he opened the gate and I entered. I noticed he stylishly hurried to his laptop to close the lid. I sat down on his couch while I waited for him to have his bath. I picked up the laptop with the aim of connecting to the internet to see what was happening on Facebook. I put the laptop on, it booted, I logged on since I knew his password. I opened a browser and logged on to Facebook. Fortunately or unfortunately, his account was still active and it automatically opened his Facebook page. While I moved the mouse pad to click “log out”, a chat popped up with the message “are you ignoring me?” I decided to open it to see who the person was! I saw the name, it wasn’t really a familiar name. I decided to go through their conversation and I saw many things. All I could pull out of the chat was that the person in question was a lady and she was pregnant for my boyfriend and he instructed her to abort but she refused, saying she once aborted for him. She said she was going to keep the baby stating that she already told her mom. When I went through their conversation, I became sad and angry and I thought: “Has Donald been cheating on me?” I didnt bother checking my facebook account. I closed the lid of his laptop and pretended nothing had happened. I picked my bag and left for the salon to make my hair. To be frank, I was lost in thought all through my stay in the salon. Everyone kept asking me if I was alright. I lied to them, I told them I was alright. After leaving the salon, I went home. He called me later that day and I spoke to him angrily, not saying what was wrong. He has been calling me for a week, I have refused to pick his calls. Sincerely, I don’t know what to do? should I confront him about what I saw on his Facebook chat or break up my relationship of a year with him and move on or should I just pretend I didn’t see anything? This is a guy I love so much. Your advice is greatly needed at this point.