Royal House Reintegrates Social Misfits

Royalhouse Chapel International, through its School of Restoration has reintegrated 12 ex-convicts, drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes into the society.

The 12, erstwhile social misfits, graduated from the School of Restoration after a year-long reformation process.

They were taken through teachings such as forgiveness, the love of God, principles of salvation, dealing with depression, fear, anger, holiness, positive self-image and temperament.

The participants also received counselling, deliverance and trainings to restore their self confidence, self-image and equip them for the job market.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony which was the third of the school, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, Apostle General of Royalhouse Chapel International, and Founder of the School of Restoration indicated that the reason for establishing the school was to extend the love of God to those that society had rejected because of their circumstances.

He said, “Three years ago, we discovered that when people spend years in prison and they are released after serving their time, their parents, family and society reject them, so, we in Royalhouse decided to open our doors and our gates and say that we will love them because as we love them we love our Maker.”

He said the students of the school are taught a 12 month course that is aimed at not only reintegrating them into society but also making them profitable and useful citizens.

Sharing his testimony, Felix Coffie, a graduate from the school who wanted to commit suicide after his return from prison because he was rejected said, “I say to the glory of God that anything I came here with God has given me the opposite. I wanted to die but now I have life and own a business that has three employees.”