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Press Release – Ejection Of Ben Duffour


The Bank of Ghana wishes to clarify statements made on some radio stations by Mr. Ben Duffour, a member of staff, in connection with his ejection from one of the Bank’s residential properties located at Cantonments as follows:

• The Board of Directors of the Bank in 2011 approved a recommendation to demolish the Cantonments property due to the weak state of the structure of the building.

• The land was to be used for a 60-bed modern hospital to cater for the healthcare needs of staff of the Bank and also members of the general public.

• Members of staff who were occupying the property were notified of the Bank’s decision and offered alternate accommodation. The members of staff were at liberty to either accept the alternate accommodation or opt out.

• All the staff except Mr. Duffour complied with the Bank’s request and accordingly moved out to pave the way for the construction of the hospital.

• Mr. Duffour refused to vacate the premises and rather embarked on legal action against the Bank for an order of interlocutory injunction to restrain the Bank from ejecting him. The ruling in that case, among others, was to the effect that the Bank could go ahead to eject him from the accommodation.

• Following that ruling, the Bank continued with its plans towards the hospital project but all attempts for contractors to work on the premises were thwarted by Mr. Duffour on a number of occasions.

• The Bank had informed Mr. Duffour that a bungalow had been allocated to him at the Bank’s Middle Income Group Housing Estate at New Abossey Okai, and requested that he relocated there.

• The Bank today decided to carry out an ejection exercise to enable the demolition of the building to begin to pave the way for serious work on the construction of the hospital.

February 28, 2014 `

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