Ghana Marks World Civil Defence Day Today

Ghana will join member states of the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) to mark this year’s World Civil Defence Day (WCDD) slated for March 1, 2014.

The day is set aside to highlight the importance of civil protection in nations, homes, regions, districts and communities.

The World Civil Defence Day is celebrated on March 1, every year under the auspices of the ICDO to provide platforms to raise awareness of the need to prepare for and prevent disasters.

A statement issued in Accra and signed by Kofi Portuphy, National Coordinator of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) stated that the country would join other member states of the ICDO to celebrate the World Civil Defence Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Civil Defence and Culture of Prevention for a Safe Society.”

He applauded civil society organizations and emergency services for their participation and involvement in rescue missions.

He also called for the remembrance of emergency workers who died or were injured in the course of duty in Ghana and beyond.

Dr Vladimir Okuvshinov, Secretary General of the ICDO, in a message to mark the day, called on all stakeholders to create a more proactive culture of Civil Defence based on prevention rather than responses.

He stated that prevention policies must take into account the regulation of all types of facilities, such as the constant control and supervision of workplaces involving oil, gas, chemicals and other hazards.

He said the ICDO aimed to implement prevention programmes which focus on areas such as risk assessment through the adoption and development of national and regional mechanisms.

The statement said in recent years natural and man-made disasters had become more complex. Major catastrophes occur daily, claiming the lives of thousands of victims, and affecting millions of people globally.

It added that Ghana was no exception, as it had had its fair share of disasters ranging from road accidents, to devastating floods and fires.

“In this entire crisis situation, civil defences and civil protection organizations as well as emergency service in the country were available to ensure the protection of people, properties and the environment,” the statement added.