Fishermen Cautioned Against Destruction Of Marine Resource

Deputy Minister for Fisheries, Aquinas Tawiah Quansah has cautioned fishermen to desist from using unapproved methods for fishing to deplete marine resources.

“Do not let people to perceive you as being your own enemies if you do not get a good catch when you go for fishing expedition, because you have used bad methods to deplete marine resources,” he advised.

Speaking to fishermen at Ankaful near Saltpond, Mr.Quansah who is the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, said fishing is an age-long job which must be preserved for the present generation not to use selfishness to destroy the resources.

He mentioned lighting for fishing, pair trawling, the use of dynamite and other explosives, and the use of mesh nets for fishing, as some of the bad methods which fishermen must desist from.

The Deputy minister said the recent reported case of depletion of fish in the Lake Bosomtwe must serve as a warning to fishermen to use our rivers and the sea judiciously if they want to see fishing as lucrative job.

“Fishermen had used their own behavior to make our rivers and the sea unprofitable,” the deputy minister said.