[Advice Needed] I Can’t Get The Image Of My Ex P**** Out Of My Head

I have been married for 3years with a child, love my husband, he is the kind of man any woman can hope for, spoils and pampers me like a guy asking a girl out for the first time (we are happy).

woman-sad-coupleBut I think I love my ex more, we broke up because he lies too much to me and any guy that lies to you is not serious or doesn’t love you (my theory), but we remained friends, the kind of friend that you can tell anything no matter how weird.

We were chatting about 2 days ago and we got emotional that he sent me a picture of his man-hood and I almost jumped out of my skin.

Since then I have not been able to sleep, work or do anything without seeing that image and longing for it, I so much want to be with him but I am married.

What should I do? Please don’t insult me, I need honest answer cause I can’t talk to anybody about it.