Ghana’s Oby Band Making Waves Across The Globe

The Ohia B3 Y3ya Band popularly known as the “OBY Band” is one of the few amongst African bands to have touched hearts and left audience dancing and weak in the knees.

The band was founded in 2012 and led by Ghanaian musician, Kwame Yeboah, whose services have been sought at different times by the likes of Miss Dynamite, Craig David, Stevie Wonder, Rick rock, Ken Booth, Jamie Scott, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam),Osibisa and Alexander O’Neal in whose band Kwame was a music director at age 20.

The other members of OBY include; Emmanuel Ofori (bass guitar), Eric ‘Sunday’ Owusu (percussion) and David Agbobli (lead vocals).

The band is only about two years old but has already caught attention as a collection of profound young talents shaping the popular music destiny of the nation. To Kwame and the other members of the band, the world is theirs to conquer with their sharp minds and inventive playing.

“Every concert is unique, uniting the audience after a few minutes on the dancing floor.” Kwame stated.

The OBY Band has successfully written and released hits amongst others the latest “Only You”, repertoires mostly in the native Twi, French, English and Togolese Ewe lyrics due to plans of make their songs available in neighboring countries like Togo, Cote d’Ivoire and beyond.

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