[Advice Needed] My 10-Year-Old Son Has Been Homosexually Molested

This is the story of an anguished mother who found out her 10-year-old son is a victim of homosexual r*pe.


Dear readers,

I have never been this sad since I was born. I heard the most heart wrenching news from my child today. I haven’t even cried, but I know I will still cry when it dawns on me. How do I say this?? My son told me today that he has been a victim of homosexual molestation in his school. My baby is only 10.

In total 4 boys have molested my son in his school. I won’t mention the school yet, because I plan to take this up on Monday. I want to speak to the school authorities, but what will they do? Will they follow suit? Will this restore my little boy’s innocence? Senior boys in SS3 did this to him. He was in boarding school, I felt safe and secure that he was in a school with pedigree and religious upright standing. Big lie. I don’t know what to do. I said I would file a police complaint and perhaps some people can help. My son said another of his mate was defiled recently by some senior boys, but the matter was subdued and his mother later withdrew him from school.

The school is likely not blow this up because they’ll want to protect the image of the school. But to who’s detriment? I can’t even bear to look my son in the face because I don’t want to break down. I haven’t told his father till now because I know what will happen.

The parents of these senior boys I am certain will not know too. And perhaps they were first molested just like my son was by them when they were juniors. Now they’ve been imbibed into the act and they carry on the cycle. That’s what I make of it all. What do I do? Who can help me? Why would anyone do this to these boys, why why why??  What do I tell a 10year old that he’ll understand?